N5: Multi-purpose Massage Bed

Combines the latest technology with heated tourmanium rollers, magnet insertions and hot rock pad, which provide the therapeutic effects of Shiatsu massage, acupressure with superior far infrared.

It feels soft, relaxing, pleasant, and refreshing.

Product Benefits

Relieves stress and tension
Increases blood oxygenation and circulation
Aids in the removal of toxic wastes
Relief from head, neck and shoulder aches
Stimulates speedy healing of injuries
Increases energy levels
Relaxes the mind and body

Ankle Cusions

The ankle cushions of the auxiliary unit were designed ergonomically to insure unsers comfort.

Tourmanium heating for the arms and lower legs

When the user lies down, the heating unit comes into contact with the arms and lower legs areas for muscle pain relief.

Head supporting pad

The head supporting pad provides improved comfort so that the user could use the device more effectively

Multi-functional Controller

This multi-functional remote control has user-oriented operational buttons, with the main buttons protruding outward for improved convenience and and LCD display that allows the user to check the device operation at a glance. A music player feature was added to help the user relax better.

Lumbar heating projector

This heating projector with a design tailored to the back, helps relieve muscle pain in the back through the heating and accupressure functions.

Thoracic heating projector

This heating projector with the heating and accupressure functions moves gently along the natuarl curvature of the spine and helps relieve muscle pain in the thoracic area.

Cervical heating projector

This soft cervical heating projector made of silicone material provides accupressure and thermal effects tailored specifically to the cervical discs.

Covenient 5-ball projector

It can be used anywhere on the body with maximised contact and convenience for and effective thermal stimulation.

Low-frequency pad

This pad can be adjusted according to the body size of the user for improved comfort. It can be used on diverse areas of the body including abdomen, back, thighs, and feet.

Abdominal heating pad (sold separately)

The dome shaped abdominal heating pad is suitable for any body shape and can be used in combination with N5. It conforms to diverse areas of the body including abdomen, thighs, knees, and chest for improved heating affect.

Technical Characteristics

Quick Unfold


60 kg

Functional Handle

Power consumption

370 Watt

Convenient Transport

Voltage / Frequency

240V / 50Hz

Spatial efficiency


H: 50cm W: 50cm L: 200cm