Tourmanium is a patented material designed and produced exclusively for Nuga Best products combining Tourmaline, Germanium, Volcanic rocks and Elvan rocks processed with nano technology. Tourmanium is the best ceramic at emitting Far Infrared Rays & Anions, generating Far Infrared Rays & Anions nearly 4 times of the natural Jade which is widely known for its health properties, together with other benefits including anti-bacteria, deodorant, purification. For details of the effects of Far Infrared Rays & Anions, you may find in the principles section of our website.
N5 is the premium product, which is All-in-One Combinational stimulator, which combines Tourmanium stones for emitting far Infra Red rays and Anions, and also principles of eastern and western medical practices such as Massage, Acupressure, reflexology, Deep Heat and Moxibustion together with Low Frequency (TENS) pad. N5 is designed to relax and soften spinal muscles to stretch and align the spine whilst unblocking blood vessels, relax nerve tension and improve blood circulation.

All the session involves is for you to lie down comfortably (no need to get undressed) and let the internal projector rollers work on the tensed muscles, relieve pain, align the back improve circulation, improve sleep, remove toxins and reenergise the body. All Nuga Best products are designed and manufactured for health and for home use, friendly to all family members. For more information please choose the product you are interested from the Product tab.

Massage session on Nuga Best bed goes far beyond just enjoyment. Due to its characteristics and principles you have not just massage bed but combinational stimulator, that provides you with experience of massage, acupressure, reflexology, deep heat, etc. not just for your back, but also shoulders, tummy, legs, tights.
You just simply need to reposition yourself to get the desired part of the body involved. Composition of minerals and elements used in Nuga Best products patented and belong to Nuga best only. The benefits of using this bed are amazing please see our PRINCIPLES page. Quality and durability of the products are guaranteed, which has been proven by millions of customers who made this company a leading between all others.
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