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Product Range

N5: Massage Bed

Combines the latest technology with heated tourmanium rollers, magnet insertions and hot rock pad, which provide the therapeutic effects of Shiatsu massage, acupressure with superior far infrared. Improves blood circulation and perfectly removes various types of pain symptoms.

NM2500: Tourmanium Single Mat

NM-2500 is a popular family product that can be used on top of the double size bed or even on the floor for all family members to enjoy the warmth and the health benefits.

NM90: Heat Belt

NM-90 is a Tourmanium Heat Belt, popular product for ladies who suffer cold stomach and also for those with IBS, frequent stomach ache, indigestion and periodic pains.

T1-2: Abdominal Heating Pad

T1-2 The dome shaped abdominal heating pad is suitable for any body shape and can be used in combination with N5.

NM300: 5-Ball Projector

Feel the Wonders - use the tourmanium ceramic projector anytime anywhere to massage and heat the massage points along your spine.

NM80: Tourmanium Small Mat

NM-80 is small enough to massage a specific part of your body, such as the abdominal area, chest region or lower back. NM-80 is a Small Sized Tourmanium Heat Mat, popular family product.

Advanced Technology

Three simultaneously moving internal heating projectors

  • NDT Ceramic heating
  • 5-Ball projector
  • Low-frequency pad
  • Abdominal heating pad
  • Controller: Multi-modes, music player, and SD card

New technologies for wellbeing
Holistic approach
Suitable for the whole family
Proven quality
Durability and Exquisite design

Nuga Best Australia is proud to be an exclusive distributor of South Korean company Nuga Medical Co., Ltd – their healthcare products serve millions of customers around the world with love and care.