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Tourmanium is a patented material designed and produced exclusively for Nuga Best products combining Tourmaline, Germanium, Volcanic rocks and Elvan rocks processed with nano technology. Tourmanium is the best ceramic at emitting Far Infrared Rays & Anions, generating Far Infrared Rays & Anions nearly 4 times of the natural Jade which is widely known for its health properties, together with other benefits including anti-bacteria, deodorant, purification. For details of the effects of Far Infrared Rays & Anions, you may find in the principles section of our website.
NM5000 Plus is the premium product, which is All-in-One Combinational stimulator, which combines Tourmanium stones for emitting far Infra Red rays and Anions, and also principles of eastern and western medical practices such as Massage, Acupressure, reflexology, Deep Heat and Moxibustion together with Low Frequency (TENS) pad. NM 5000P is designed to relax and soften spinal muscles to stretch and align the spine whilst unblocking blood vessels, relax nerve tension and improve blood circulation.

All the session involves is for you to lie down comfortably (no need to get undressed) and let the internal projector rollers work on the tensed muscles, relieve pain, align the back improve circulation, improve sleep, remove toxins and reenergise the body. All Nuga Best products are designed and manufactured for health and for home use, friendly to all family members. For more information please choose the product you are interested from the Product tab.

Massage session on Nuga Best bed goes far beyond just enjoyment. Due to its characteristics and principles you have not just massage bed but combinational stimulator, that provides you with experience of massage, acupressure, reflexology, deep heat, etc. not just for your back, but also shoulders, tummy, legs, tights.
You just simply need to reposition yourself to get the desired part of the body involved. Composition of minerals and elements used in Nuga Best products patented and belong to Nuga best only. The benefits of using this bed are amazing please see our PRINCIPLES page. Quality and durability of the products are guaranteed, which has been proven by millions of customers who made this company a leading between all others.
It is an official Nuga Best centre, where you can have Free trial and demonstrations of any of Nuga best products, get informative knowledge about healthcare with Nuga Best equipment, and also purchase it. There are more than 5000 centres in more than 80 countries in all 5 continents.

Currently, we have the only centre in Sydney. In the near future we are planning to expand our business to major cities in Australia. Please check our website for news or simply register your interest by sending us an email.

The more you come to the Demonstration center the greater the effect and benefits you will gain.
We recommend a daily commitment for at least 2 weeks.
No, at NUGA BEST we believe that the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our product is for users to experience the treatment first hand and be convinced of its effectiveness before deciding to purchase it for use in the comfort of your own home or your office. We want our customers to have full confidence in the product before purchasing it.
Automated session on NM-5000Plus lasts about 40 minutes and only one session is offered per day per person, and only Auto Mode 1 is allowed for the trials, although there are many other modes and LF (Low Frequency) therapy are integrated in the equipment, we demonstrate these only to those who have decided to purchase the NM-5000Plus.

You can simply come and try Nuga Best with your casual clothes on. Changing your clothes for trials is not required as long as they are clean, not soiled or wet. However, we recommend wearing thin cotton clothes to gain the full benefit of the Far Infrared Heat therapy during sessions.
Yes, we value your time and will do our best to give you the best customer service with personal approach. You will never feel you’ve lost the time by visiting our centre. Our friendly staff will always look after you with care and professionalism.
Yes, provided they keep quite and comfortable to wait for you. There are some toys available to keep them busy.
The body can and will take all the optimum stimulus it can to maintain good health. Listen to your body, though our recommendation is to use Nuga Best at 4 hours interval, subject to your conditions.
Many overweight people around the world use the bed and from their testimonials they experienced healthy weight loss due to the increase of the metabolism rate after the extensive use of the bed.
Nuga Best is advisable for all bodies. Your body weight determines the optimum personal pressure. Lighter people would apply less down force. We want your experience to be comfortable.
You are welcome to come to our demonstration center. Individuals will need to be able to move their own body weight. If you cannot do this, please bring in a carer who can assist you. We are unavailable to assist you while your transfer on to the NM-5000Plus.
Diabetics are on a daily watch for blood sugar levels which directly affect the circulation process. Every day use of massage therapy is a wonderful way to maintain good circulation with little effort.
Misalignments of the spine for various reasons such as scoliosis, sway back, etc. are greatly helped by Nuga Best as daily use keeps the spine loose and flexible.
No, Nuga Best has been known to accommodate users from a very young age to the elderly.
Your body wants to help you, regardless of age or conditions. Come into the Demo center and let your body do what it wants to do best: make you feel better.
Nuga Best is for anyone and everyone who wants a better functioning body, more energy and quicker recovery time. Healthy people maintain better health and very often improve things even more. It is also regarded as preventive solution. Nuga Best has helped footballers, dancers, fitness trainers, bodybuilders, swimmers, runners, hockey players, cyclists and every other kind of professional sports and fitness enthusiast around the world do better and feel better doing what they love.
Yes, repositioning of your body on the bed means you can easily massage your legs, feet and lower body.
Yes, there are 3 ways of doing it: by internal projector rollers, you just need to reposition yourself on the main mat; by external 5 ball projector; and by low frequency pad. We demonstrate all the functions of the bed and possible usage when you visit our Demo centre.
It depends on your condition. Ask our consultant. For the most effectiveness it is recommended to use the bed at least twice a day, early in the morning between 6 and 8 am and right before sleeping time. Massage sessions have to be separated by 4 hours interval between sessions especially for beginners to avoid severe recovery reaction.
Even though its been on the market worldwide since 2002, Australia is one of few countries that Nuga Best has just been introduced recently. Millions customers from over 50 countries used and continue to use it and we have millions testimonials to share with you. All Nuga Best products have been certified and tested. Please refer to the Certificates page.
It really depends on your medical condition. If you know that you have a certain disability or illness, please take our leaflet with you and check with your GP.
Again, it depends on your health and medical condition. Some may use the bed once after suffering from years of back pain, for example, and have come out pain free. Others have had to have more extensive use in order to gain some results. It will vary depending, how long have you had the condition or injury for, your age, the kind of work or sports you are involved in and lifestyle choices you make (ex. smoking, diet, aggressive activities, etc). We recommend a daily commitment for 2 weeks to start.
No. We provide warranty for all products bought in Australia only. This is the choice you as a buyer have to make before purchasing it somewhere else. All products for Australian market are made according to Australian standard including power point plug. All our customers can have a peace of mind by buying through us as we guarantee a good quality products, timely technical support and excellent customer service.
No. The internal projectors rollers are not touching your spine at any stage of the massage. They focus on the soft tissues that are located along your spine, muscles, joints, tendons.
No, Nuga Best believes that you need to feel and recognize the benefits before considering a purchase. You are welcome to try our products until you are confident that this is the product for you. Our staff are carers of the users and are here to help and only recommend the best products for your health.
If you still don't find what you're looking for, simply email your question and we will be happy to help.

Our clients testimonials

Please read through the feedback we have received from our customers. We greatly value your experience with Nuga Best products and continuesly trying to improve our products and services based on your say.

I have purchased single bed mat from Nuga Best 8 months ago now.

I have tried many Nuga best products, bought initially the tourmanium belt which made me want more, i decided to buy the mat for the bed.

Looking back now, I cannot imagine how I could ever live / sleep without it..

Having been working as a Registered Nurse full time for 23 Years I naturally have some nasty back issues and osteoarthritic changes to my spine which result in back pain on / off, worse in the winter with the cold weather.

So to say ,my life in recent Years was never free of some sort of back or muscular pain...many trips to physiotherapist,massage therapist, headaches, migraines neck pain related, and so on..

This has greatly changed since I have ben using the mat on my bed. I now can honestly say that all my usual chronic pain in my upper, lower back and neck is gone!!!

I have abandoned my physiotherapist and masseur and rely solely on the mat to keep me pain free.

This is really amazing to be able to feel no back pain again, and iIwant to share this with as many people as I can so they can also feel better with no painkillers... Several times when I recently pulled back muscles at work, the pain went away after only one night sleep on the mat set on high temperature. This is so amazing, I realise that "before mat" if something like that happened I would be off for a week with a course of antinflammatory medications to take.

Back pain relief is one think ,I must say that since sleeping on the mat my sleep has been so deep and peaceful that sometimes I have to set few alarm clocks to wake me up in the morning.

Definitely a go for insomniacs and trouble sleepers...

Another great thing about a matt is that it seems to keep all colds and flu at bay.' On average I would have had at least 2 - 4 occasions of cold / flu in a year, so far I had not one sick day off work because of flu.

This is quite amazing, several times I felt that I was coming down with something, I then would take aspirin in the evening, then set mat temperature on high, I would wake up wet from perspiration, but well again, the bug would be gone, cooked?? ha,ha.....

I would never believe that mat is so amazing if I had not try it myself.

I now feel like singing the praise of it to everyone, which I try not to do as people would be suspicious of my motives, however noble they are, after all once a nurse, always a nurse, trying to help people get better..

If you tired, achy, can't sleep well, get sick a lot, the mat would be the best thing for you, it is worth any price as it keeps you well and happy.

I’ve been using NM5000P from 3 July 2013 till present. In the second week of using Nuga Best bed I had one week of high temperature with coughing. This was very strange because 30 years ago I had an infection in my trachea. I thought I had fixed this problem with antibiotics but this virus must have been still with me in a conserved form.
From my work experience with six years in American health company as a supervisor and three years as commercial director in a Chinese health corporation I’ve learnt that the body has everything to rebuild itself. Any reaction in the body is a symptom of rehabilitation. Our job is to help our body to do this. However, life is not easy and if something adverse happens: perhaps from lack of sleep, working hard, eating incorrectly, injury, illness, or anything else your body may need an outside help.

I certainly recommend Nuga Best because I found my old problems with lungs, kidneys, liver, bowel, stomach, skin, varicose veins, joint pains have improved in a short time, in 7 months!
I’ve been using NM5000P bed, foot mat (NM-55) and a sleeping mat (NM-2500) for several months. I like it because at this point in time NOTHING else has been able to help me. I have noticed an improvement after 3 months of using it with stomach problems, neck problems, and varicose veins. Negative reaction at first. The more you use it the more you can adjust it to suit your body messages. Needs great patience and time and give it a go.

I would recommended it to other people to try as It is drug free and helps the body to heal itself. Free trial is great with an option to buy later on.
Due to my scoliosis and chronic back pain I was recommended to visit Nuga Best centre by my colleague, a doctor. The first time I tried Nuga Best massage bed was in 2005 in Rehabilitation centre in Russia, initially for 2 weeks and then again for 10 days.  From my first visit what I appreciated the most was the spine stretching under the pressure of your own weight. At the beginning I felt some flair up, which was normal as the pain increased in the next 2-3 days, however, after that gradually began to disappear.

I was quite happy with the results and once I move to Australia bought the bed to use at home, as I was very busy at work without opportunity to go for a massage or chiropractor session. I find it so convenient and even more beneficial to use it in comfort of my own home as I can do it anytime, early in the morning and just before going to sleep. Especially after a long night shift, when you feel exhausted and stressed where my body is a one big ache, this is the best solution to my headache or body tension.

I recommended it to my friends and would definitely recommend it to other people to try as you will not just get health benefits but also save time and money.
I’ve been trying Nuga Best massage bed in Greece for 8 months, at least 3 times a week. The reason of coming to Nuga Best centre were my lower back pain that affected my leg down to my knee as well as my neck (C6-C7) that I had for 7 months every day. After one week of trying I’ve noticed improvements and finally after few months the pain has gone.

When I moved to Australia I searched for a Nuga Best place in Sydney and I found it. This time my problems were Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the numbness of my whole right arm. I gave myself a fair chance of trying the bed once more to see how it would help me with my new problem. I can say that from the very First day I saw the results. The numbness reduced 70% and the pain disappeared. I decided to get the bed not only for myself but for my whole family as an investment to our health.

I would recommend it to other people because you have nothing to lose rather you gain a lot improving your health and save your money.
A short note on my experience with my Nuga Best Tourmanium mattress.
As soon as I received it, I set it up on my bed. The first night I used it I was worried, as I could feel the smooth massagers. I worried that I would not get used to it. Believe it or not , by the third night it just felt so normal. I am a nurse and spend a long time on my feet. Mornings were hard, as my circulation ( I am in my 60s) was not so good, and my feet were numb and tender, till I got going. But on the third day I got up and no numbness- and it has not come back. I could not believe the mattress worked so quick. I really do sleep better - I have only had the mattress for a few months, so am excited about the long term benefits yet to come . Also, my cat just loves it, and I guess it will also benefit her.
Thank you for your speedy and prompt service. I ordered it one day , and by the third day it was on my bed - I am delighted, and can't wait to go to bed every night - I guess my body knows what is good for it.
I have gone to try Nuga Best massage with no real expectation but at the time must have been the worst point in my health life.
I had energy levels next to none, struggling to work 8 hours a day and then going home exhausted and going to bed almost on arrival back home. To say I was "walking dead" was not an exaggeration.

Nuga Best has given me back my life as since last 2 months (I have attended at least 3 times per week) I am now able
not only not to spend my afternoons comatose from exhaustion but started power walking and went back to gym after several
months of being unable to do so.

I had Achilles Tendonitis for several months which added to my sedentary life as I had difficulty walking and every step was painful.
This is now gone as well and I am off anti-inflammatory medication which made of all possible. I believe that Nuga acupressure mat healed it.
First time when I tried it I could hardly stand on it as the pain was indescribable due to my condition. As I was explained
mat improves circulation and stimulates body to heal itself. I had over 10 sessions on the mat and all my pain gone and
I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have found out about this wonderful therapy available. I am now full of energy, sleep sound
and feel like I have been given my life back!

I also started to lose weight (detox, increased metabolism).

I would recommend it to other people as it definitely works it makes you feel so much better in yourself. I swear by it now and will always come back for more treatment.

Service has been fantastic and I could not find any fault at all. I have shared my experience with people I know as I found that Nuga Best has really helped my general health and wellbeing.
After using it for a week,i noticed a big difference in my circulation,strength and energy. I suffered from diabeties and renal failure. When I saw this overseas I surfed the website and thanking you for opening in Australia. I haven't got headache, cramps and nausea, certainly it has given me a new lease of life! Suddenly I have a good sleep and feeling so calm, I am amazed that I breath well too. You don't only sell them but follow up with client that give me an extra peace of mind. I highly recomend this product to the whole family. Again thank you and I hope you continue to help people with medical condition.
Kind regards
I've been trying Nuga Best products for 2 months. Since I started using it I've noticed that I haven't felt as tired and stressed.
I have more energy I feel more relaxed and happy. It makes me feel happy that I'm doing "something" for myself.
I had a lot of pain in both my hands and fingers, surgery was recommended by hand specialist and now I don't think I will require having it.
I would recommend it to other people because Nuga Best has great products, for ex: Massage bed, Foot Acupressure mat.
I tried all of them. All great. The staff is very friendly and explains the products and procedures very well.
Great location no problem with parking.
For a few years I have been battling with quite a severe pains in both my knees and back,
I also have high blood pressure.
After having a few sessions on the massage bed ( about 5) the pain in the knees almost disappeared .
I stopped wearing knee supports , which I used previously everyday.
My blood pressure has reduced to normal
The back pain is still there, but is not as severe.I am continuing the treatment with enthusiasm , my back will improve too.
Suffer from headache and upper back pain, fatigue, stress. Had MRI recently done, doctor couldn't explain but the pain hasn't gone. I had 10 sessions so far. Since I've been coming here it has almost disappeared. Stress and tension are completely gone. My body feels better now. great experience to improve your wellbeing. would love to own the bed one day ) Your service is great
Many thanks
I have tried NUGA BEST massage bed after a recommendation from a friend.
I had a lot of pain in my left arm, mainly in the elbow and upper part of my neck as well as a lower back pain ( as low as my tailbone)
After my first visit, I felt double the pain then I did before.
I persisted and after the third and fourth session I didn’t feel much pain , in fact almost none.
Having had another three visits, I feel a lot better, I will continue to have futher massages and highly recommend it for others to try.
I have been using the Nuga Best massage bed for the last two weeks having had nine sessions. I mainly suffer with lower back pain and lack of circulation in my limbs,most likely because of my job As well as the fact that I had three children. After having a few sessions on the bed apart from really enjoying The relaxation , I found that I was getting better circulation in my hands,as I don't wake up with pinsand needles Everyday, or totally cold and numb hands.I have been telling all my friends to try the bed, and even convinced my Mother , the biggest sceptic who has a lot of back pain and never does anything about it. I will look forward to see how I will feel within the next couple of months as Ihasn'm very curious myself!
I have been having a baby for 2 years and suffered from constant lower/upper back pain and a severe pain in my right hip after my baby birth. First time I tried it overseas and was amazed when after several sessions the pain in my hip has gone, the body felt lighter, more energetic. Now when I got a chance to own a bed I would like to thank Nuga Best team for such a great experience. Back pain doesn't bother me very often and I definitely feel better after each session. I feel like having 24 hour massage therapist in my house)). Highly recommend.
Being a very keen weight loss enthusiast I took a very sharp start with various sport activities including regular GYM sessions. Unfortunately at one of my gym sessions when I was working with weight I pulled my back muscles so badly that I could bearly lean forward or sideways.
Apparently it was a muscles spasm and use of anti inflammatory cream did not just help but caused side effects (stomach upset). Then I rememebered that some time ago I got a flyer in my post box about Nuga Best massage therapy and after reading their feedback decided to give it a try.
What I really appreciated is that Nuga Best staff gives a very informative introduction before using their products so you know what effects it may have on you.
Well, results were amasing even though the first few sessions on the massage bed were so painful! Having visited the centre every single day in fortnight I have to admit that it did not simply eased my back pain to almost non-existance but I also noticied that my metabolism improved tremendousely (more energy, less appetite, much better bowling function).
Many thanks and real appreciation for all the support and help from Nuga!!!
When I had my first session i didn’t feel comfortable at all. I am a sceptical person and it took me few months after my first visit to come back for regular sessions, when I saw great results from a friend of mine who suffered from severe back and period pain.
I’ve got a 3 y.o. son and as a result of lifting him my lower back used to hurt me a lot. It affected me physically and emotionally. Very grateful to Nuga best treatment, love the massage bed and the mattress.
After coming everyday for a week my back has started feeling better and now I don’t have that pain, so happy. Also, my energy level has increased and I sleep better. Recommend to others, definitely!
Hi, Just a note to say thanks so much for my nuga best mattress, our whole family loves it, we can not sleep a night without it, we wake up feeling great.
thank you for excellent customer service and a fantacstic product!
I ve been using the pad for years. Had a lot of problems with my back and excessive weight before.
No back pains and my weight is well balanced now.
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The insurance option

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Installation is only required for NM-5000Plus (all-in-one bed) and detailed instructions are supplied with the goods or can be downloaded from our website under product details. Installations doesn't require any special skills as very precise and accurate assembling descriptions are provided in the manual. However, the installation is available for additional fee. Please provide your postcode to calculate an exact fee.

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2.4 To damage arising during transportation, installation or while moving the product, or to any transportation costs of the product or any parts thereof to and from the owner, unless otherwise specified in these warranty terms.
2.5 To any third-party hardware not contained in the product as originally configured by the manufacturer.
2.6 To any failure, to the extent that the failure is not a failure of the product to perform in accordance with its specifications.
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2.8 To service of any product whilst it is outside Australia.
2.9 To any wear and tear if the product is used in commercial, industrial, educational or rental applications.
3. To the normal incidence of off-coloured or dark pixels in LCD and OLED remote controls' screens.

All Nuga Best products have a 1 or 2 year warranty for individuals and 6 months for commercial use. For service, return your product to Nuga Best Australia.

Product Warranty Term: Personal / Commercial Special Warranty Conditions
NM-5000Plus 2 Years / 6 months On-site withing 20km of Nuga Best Australia centre. Telephone and email support
NM-2500D 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-2500S 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-300 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-90 1 Year / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-70 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-55 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support
NM-30 2 Years / 6 months Telephone and email support


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Free Trial Session Terms and Conditions

- session lasts 40 min;
- new customers require INDUCTION prior to massage session;
- the INDUCTION explains main principles used in Nuga Best products, benefits, and various conditions it can address;
- each session needs to be pre-booked, please call/email us to make an appointment;
- for hygienic reasons a $2 disposable massage sheet has to be purchased;
- weight limit applies: up to 100 kg;
- one session per day per person.

Voucher/leaflet holders are entitled for a trial period stated on it.

Rules and Restrictions

Please drink a cup of water before and after your massage as you may be very thirsty or dehydrated during and after the massage and you may get a mild headache due to your increase in metabolism.

Please use a thin towel or a sheet when using the bed and never remove the protective sock from the Hand-Held Projector(s) when using directly against your skin to protect from burns.

It is best to wear soft, comfortable clothes for your massage but you may wear just about anything (slacks, business suits, dresses, jeans, etc). Please remove your shoes, your belt, and remove any items from your back pockets before you lay down on the Nuga Massage Bed.

Using the Nuga Bed for the full back massage by persons over 100 kg is not allowed to use at Best House.

Those under the age of 18 need Parental/Guardian Consent before use of the Nuga Massage Bed is permitted. The Nuga Bed is not a toy. Do not allow children or pets to play on it.

Maintain a straight body during the massage. Do not twist your back or neck. Raise the NUGA NM-5000 Massage Bed 10, 20, or 30 degrees or if it is more comfortable and feel free to place pillows under your knees or behind your head. It is important to be comfortable!

To adjust the intensity of the Nuga Massage Session, place padding on top of the bed. For a more intense session, lay a thin sheet over the Nuga Bed. For a gentle Massage Session, place two or three bath towels over the Nuga Bed.

All Nuga Massages must always be separated by a minimum of 4 hours. This restriction simply helps to prevent severe Massage Recovery Reactions from occurring.

Massage Recovery Reactions such as soreness, fatigue, or headache are possible during or after using the Nuga Massage Bed due to the increased blood flow to the brain, the stretching of the back muscles and spine, and from the disintegration and excretion of built-up waste products (toxins) in our fat, blood, and organs. These toxins include food and drink additives, preservatives, oxidizing gases, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It is possible that you will feel worse after your massage than you did before your massage due to potential Massage Recovery Reactions. They are temporary natural healing side-effects helping you to be healthier in the long term.

The NUGA NM-5000 Low Frequency Control Pad is available for use on the stomach, back, shoulders, feet, thighs, buttocks, or calves. Please note that it may be a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes. You should quickly get used to the sensation. The Pad must be placed directly against the skin and moisture must always be between the Pad and your skin. The NM-5000 comes with a purple towel to dampen. You may also use a damp paper towel or ultra sound gel. Do not use the Pad without some type of moisture between the Pad and your skin. Do not use the Pad around or near the head, neck, on open wounds, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have cancer, or impaired skin sensitivity. Those with Fibromyalgia should consult their health care provider(s) before using the Pad. The Pad may leave small circle marks on your skin that should fade. Your abs and oblique muscles may be sore after use, just as if you had done 50 sit-ups, but without the back or neck strain and pain. The Pad might be also great in providing short- and long-term Sciatic Nerve and lower back pain relief.

Prohibit any pregnant woman near the parturition, patients with rachischisis, patients wearing a cardiac pacemaker and/or patients with severe heart diseases from using the product.

If you are suffering from severe medical conditions consult your health care provider(s) before using the Nuga Best Thermal Massage Bed .