About Nuga Best

A global health company contributing to the health of mankind with its highest technology.

NUGA BEST is company specializing in medical instrument loved by the people around the world with the high-tech and customer-oriented experiment marketing and warm customer service like the mind of out mother. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has made astonishing growth rate as it achieved US$200 million of export in 2012.

NUGA BEST is committed to practice the spirit of health, love and service and diverse social contribution service to contribute to the heath of human through its Best House around the world with its value-striving product and service for customer satisfaction.

Under our philosophy of "contribution to human health", NUGA Medical Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002,as an innovative, young enterprise which is competent to achieve customer emotion with advanced technologies and sophisticated service, to keep the pace with the rapidly even-changing world situation and further to lead such changes.

As a noticeable leader capable of creating worthy and flexible experience-based marketing culture, NUGA has constantly demonstrated model cases in practice, whose experience-based,aggressive and creative marketing skills have been evaluated positively among world-wide customers.

This seems the fruit of constant efforts for experience-based marketing - which has been proven by the actual experiences of users.

Focusing on developing value-oriented products and services for customer satisfaction, the company has created customized health care culture service for the 21st century and provided high-quality service including various kinds of medical devices and health care education through internationally distributed PR offices to contribute greatly to your health improvement, and done our best to achieve the advantageous positioning of NUGA's identity via international PR offices.

In the 21st century, NUGA will be reborn as a blue chip capable of designing and creating high-quality health care culture to maximize customer satisfaction.

NUGA BEST is with the pride in product and challenging spirit, the company develops the global market.

NUGA BEST has remarkable outcome to structure the sales network around the world with some 3,500 shops in only 6 years of establishment, beginning with China to expand to the US , UK, France, Germany, Russia , Vietnam , Indonesia , Denmark , South Africa, Paraguay and others.

It would be impossible to accomplish without the pride on its product and unyielding challenging spirit. NUGA BEST is still committed to structure its sales network throughout the world to spur on its corporate globalization.

The mission and final goal of NUGA BEST is to have all people around the world healthy.


CEO's Message

Contribute to human health with highest technology and best efforts and service.

Humanism, wellbeing, happiness and so on ... The core of them all is the very health. Based upon its Proven technologies (won the IR52 Jang Yeong Sil's Award in 1994; and the Korean Minister of Science & Technology's Commendation in 1995), Nuga Medical Co.,Ltd. has manufactured household warmers and ultrasonic/low-frequency appliances, and supplied them to the domestic areas as well as exported them to about 70 foreign countries since it was founded in June, 2002.At present, the company has achieved $200 million of exports contributing to industrial evolution.

NUGA Medical Co.,Ltd. has grown steadily and fast since its foundation, which is attributed to our best efforts for product development and production with strong commitment and volition to put health humanity and voluntary services for global village in practice.

In 2011, nice-year-old NUGA Medical Co.,Ltd. has operated under the philosophy of "contribute to human health with highest technology, and best efforts and service" and produced and supplied high competitiveness products with the level of quality and convenience to meet customer needs.

Additionally, based on the constant efforts of NUGA Technical R&D Centre, Our Company will not only preoccupy the market and position as a leader in the market by supplying earlier next-generation household medical appliances, but also raise our key capabilities by reinforcing manpower cultivation, innovative activities and knowledge management.

And, we're going to take the initiative to encourage creative corporate culture and make the society healthier and warm-hearted through implementing ethical management, green management and profit-sharing management.

Evolving into a world-wide leader in the market of household medical appliances, NUGA Medical Co.,Ltd. are willing to invite you to its prospective future.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Nuga Best Certificates


Nuga Best has certified with FDA Registration as Class I Product, which indicates the global standardization of quality system and conformed to the rules stipulated by the EU in terms of product safety, Health environment and Consumer protection.


The Commendation of CE means that a manufactured product has conformed to the rules stipulated by the EU in terms of product safety, health environment and consumer protection related regulations provided under the EU Directives. Any consumer product, which may endanger the safety of the consumer, must be accredited by EU and carry CE mark prior to market distribution.


Nuga Best has got the Certification of EC ISO13485:2003 from ITC which indicates the global standardization of quality system set by the International Organization of Standardization to guarantee the quality of the product for its Design and Development, Manufacturing and service for combination Stimulator.


Nuga Best also got certification from TUV Cert for Quality systems certification as per DIN EN ISO 13485, the standard DIN EN ISO 13485 provides the comprehensive requirements for quality systems established by medical devices manufactures. Unlike the former standard DIN EN 46001/2, it is internationally accept as an ISO standard. TÜV CERT certification bodies posses the required accreditations for the certification of quality management systems in the medical devices sector.


Nuga Best got the Certification from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP covers all aspects of production; from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. There must be systems to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process - every time a product is made.