Our Customers say

"Certainly it has given me a new lease of life! ..."

"Stress and tension are completely gone. My body feels better now ..."

"Had a lot of problems with my back and excessive weight before.

No back pains and my weight is well balanced now. ..."

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Your potential is incredible to heal nearly every disease and condition.

Nuga Best Australia is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the South Korean company Nuga Medical – their healthcare products serve millions of customers around the world with love and care. We offer Reflexology, Acupressure using Far Infrared rays and Negative Ions, Stone therapy and Deep heat, Massage of back muscles with stretching of the spine, etc.

If you have
  • concerns about your health
  • no time to take care of yourself due to long working hours
  • no other opportunity but to sit or stand all day at work, do a heavy lifting
  • no desire to pay expensive medical bills

These are all the reasons to become familiar with Nuga Best. Nuga Best products has helped millions of people around the world to restore and get back their health and happiness!

Even when someone says there is no chance the chance is still there. And this chance is Nuga Best. If a person has a desire to live and live healthy, he/she will reach it. Nuga Best can give you the opportunity to live a long, happy life and have time to do all that is not yet done.


Give your spine a royal treatment and enjoy a healthy and happy life !

Health is given to us one for lifetime without any additional reserve/supply whatsoever. Appreciate it, take care of your spine, and massagers Nuga Best will assist your whole family to be healthy and enjoy life in which there is no pain but only a sense of vitality and inexhaustible source of strength and energy!

And let us always remember the ancient Chinese proverb that says "Engagement in health should not be three days before death, but three years before the onset of the disease".